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Bitcoin Era in Australia

Published days ago on July 31, 2020
By Anton Kovačić
Developed in 2009, Bitcoin soon took the world by storm. The introduction of the first-ever cryptocurrency soon spurred the development of other cryptocurrencies. Consumers were drawn to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because they provide security, convenience, and in many cases, anonymity.

The rise of cryptocurrencies also made trading possible. Cryptocurrency trading has become extremely popular over the past few years with traders all around the world cashing in on the opportunity. Many have achieved great success, and quite a few have even become millionaires. Among all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the one most often traded because it is highly profitable and the most common form of digital currency.

How have traders achieved their success? Many have put a great deal of time and effort into mastering the art of digital currency trading. Even then, turning a profit can become difficult as the cryptocurrency market is continuously evolving.

To ensure greater success, a good number of traders these days are relying on bots. Trading bots incorporate tools such as algorithms and artificial intelligence to quickly scan the market and analyze data. This allows them to know when and how to make a profitable trade. Bots can perform effective research and complete transactions faster than any human can. Accordingly, those using a bot such as Bitcoin Era Australia will have an advantage over others. What is Bitcoin Era and how does it work? We'll provide answers to those questions below.

About Bitcoin Era Australia

Bitcoin Era is one of the many bots used in trading cryptocurrency. It is actually a type of internet-based software that does not require any type of download. This means that in order to use it, you must be able to access a web browser.

Upon activating Bitcoin Era, the program will automatically begin scanning the digital currency market. In doing so, it will gather and compile data at lightning speed. All of that data will then be sorted and analyzed to come up with trading possibilities.

Bitcoin Era was carefully developed by a team of cryptocurrency trading experts. The goal in making it was to come up with a program that was just slightly faster than humans or even similar platforms. Accordingly, Bitcoin Era Australia can give you an edge over other traders and has been shown to have a very high win rate.

Program Advantages

Bitcoin Era has the ability to analyze both current and historical data. This is important as both types need to be carefully scrutinized if you are to have a high rate of success. With Bitcoin Era, the analysis takes place at a very fast rate-much quicker than what humans are capable of. Therefore, the program is highly accurate as well.

Another advantage involves automatic trading, which streamlines the process and makes transactions nearly effortless. When an analysis determines that conditions are prime for trading, the bot will automatically complete the deal. In that way, it also removes any of the emotion associated with trading and makes decisions based solely on the data.

There are no fees associated with using Bitcoin Era. Developers are able to provide this program free of charge because there is no licensing requirement for the bot. All you need to do is make a small deposit in order to get started.

Getting Started as a Beginner

New users in particular may feel overwhelmed by the thought of using Bitcoin Era. That's why the program also offers a free demo mode. Use it to get a feel for how the bot works without spending any of your own money first.

Once you are comfortable with the demo mode, you are then ready to begin trading. Choose between manual or automatic mode, depending upon your comfort level. While in automatic mode, the bot will perform all of the work without any further prompting. Seasoned traders normally spend around 20 minutes or so each day managing their trades. The bot takes care of everything else and performs most of the work during optimum market times.

Easy to Use

Bitcoin Era Australia is designed so that even those with little or no cryptocurrency trading experience can use it with ease. You'll learn even more as you become comfortable with the system and begin using it more often. There is no need to learn market terminology or take a crash course in trading. Just activate the bot and allow it to begin working for you.

There is always some risk of loss whenever you are trading. To prevent extraordinary losses, Bitcoin Era has a daily maximum and stop-loss features. Maintain these parameters, and the bot will stop trading once those limits have been reached. You can also switch to manual mode if you would like greater control over your daily transactions.

Legality of Bitcoin

Many first-time traders wonder whether or not Bitcoin is even legal in Australia. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are indeed legal as the Australian government ruled in 2017 that digital currencies could be treated as property. Accordingly, capital gains from cryptocurrency trading are now subject to taxation. However, they are no longer doubly taxed as in the past. This means that there has never been a better opportunity to realize a profit through Bitcoin Era Australia.

Bitcoin trading has undergone a few regulatory changes in recent years. Regulations enacted in 2018 now require exchanges to register with AUSTRAC. This agency provides very strict rules when it comes to maintaining records, verifying a user's identity, and other tasks. Those using Bitcoin Era Australia for cryptocurrency trading are strongly encouraged to report their earnings. Severe tax penalties could result from failing to do so.

Using an Approved Exchange

Working with an approved bank makes it easier to convert your winnings into cash. Westpac and ANZ are the two main banks in Australia that accept cryptocurrencies. You can make deposits and payments at both banks using Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Ruling in Australia
Australia is known for being very progressive when it comes to its financial markets. One headline that attracted attention around the world came in 2020, when an Australian judge ruled that cryptocurrencies could be legally used as investment tools.

In that case, the plaintiff was required to provide a security deposit for legal costs and offered to do so by paying with cryptocurrency. There was some resistance to that idea at first; however, the judge later ruled that this was acceptable. In making the ruling, the judge did note that if the value of the account dropped, the plaintiff must notify the court.

Results of Survey
A recent survey reveals that more than 80% of Australians say they know about cryptocurrency and have a basic understanding as to how they work. Even so, only around 1% or so claim they have used cryptocurrency in order to turn a profit. This means there is tremendous potential for growth through platforms such as Bitcoin Era Australia. Modern tools such as these can give people the confidence they need to begin trading and realizing a profit.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading in Australia

What should someone do if he or she would like to begin trading cryptocurrency? A good first step would be to sign up for Bitcoin Era. This platform is designed to help shorten the learning curve and become familiar with the cryptocurrency trading market.

The more you use Bitcoin Era, the more familiar you will become with cryptocurrency trading and the market in general. The goal is to ensure that you are eventually comfortable enough to begin trading on your own. You will also learn some of the ins and outs, such as when the best times are to engage the automatic trading bot.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Era

You can establish your account in only a few minutes, which is another advantage of this software program. This is another reason why people are so attracted to Bitcoin Era. Visit the login page to complete the signup process and establish your account. Keep in mind that identify verification is required. However, the process is very secure so you can feel confident knowing that your information is protected.

Once you have established an account, you are then ready to begin working with a broker. The bot performs searches and analyses data automatically; however, live brokers are still needed to facilitate the process. These live brokers oversee the bot and ensure a smooth process. By using both a bot and live brokers, Bitcoin Era can better guarantee that trades are conducted responsibly and ethically.

With Bitcoin Era, you have access to a one-stop shop when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. The fact that we have partnered with reliable, experienced trading brokers allows you the maximum earning potential possible. You can take advantage of Bitcoin Era, even if you have relatively little knowledge concerning cryptocurrency trading. Even so, we do make additional training and education available to our users. By taking advantage of new learning opportunities, you can find out more about the different trading options and get a better feel for how cryptocurrency trading is done.

In addition to training, we also make secure banking procedures available. You may access live support 24/7 and will have access to assistance from brokers whenever you need it. Any support or help tickets that are submitted to the site will normally be addressed within a day or so.

We also provide transparency when it comes to withdrawals and complete transactions in a very straightforward manner. In most cases, funds will be available in your bank account within 48 hours after making a withdrawal request, provided you use a connected bank account.

Anton Kovačić

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