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Bitcoin Era in Philippines

Published days ago on July 31, 2020
By Anton Kovačić
Bitcoin transformed the economic markets entirely around the world in 2009. Individuals have been trading and buying it ever since. Other cryptocurrencies also emerged, and several grew rapidly. Bitcoin’s value has improved several times significantly, and most individuals who wisely invested from modest initial amounts became millionaires. Cryptocurrencies are certainly here to remain, and the best way to benefit from them is via crypto trading. Bitcoin remains the leading cryptocurrency market. However, Litecoin, Ethereum, and several others are also rising in demand and popularity.

Most of the people who learn about cryptocurrency brokers think that they are individuals who have undergone training and have many years of expertise. Because cryptocurrencies are still new and always developing, several top trading professionals have less than a decade of proficiency. Some have put a lot of effort into discovering ways to help others make money by way of crypto trading. One way is by developing robot-based systems.

What is Bitcoin Era?

Several skilled traders established the Bitcoin Era software to assist the average individuals in increasing their profit potential from trading cryptocurrency. Individuals around the Philippines are beginning to discover the advantages of Bitcoin Era, which can trade cryptocurrencies better than knowledgeable human traders.

How Bitcoin Era Uses Technology

As an unlicensed bot, it’s free to sign up and use it. You do not require to download the software since you open it in an Internet browser. The program is designed to function with mobile browsers and PCs; hence, an app does not exist. The inventors of Bitcoin Era software created it to scan significant information from the online market automatically. Using other modern technologies and AI, the bot checks the Bitcoin market and other crypto markets. This is useful if you intend to trade across several cryptocurrency markets.

The bot collects current information, historical data, and updates. Because it employs AI, it can obtain and calculate data quicker than a human being. The individuals who designed Bitcoin Era have also designed it to complete a transaction a split second faster than people or other bots. The bot can make more profitable exchanges once you initiate it due to its special features, design, and capabilities.

Bitcoin Era Features

Since you know the basics of the bot’s functionality, you can now understand how various functions are particularly useful for every user. You can select what time to actuate the bot. It only scans and performs operations on your behalf when activated. Because many individuals in the Philippines have narrow resources to invest, the useful functions are the stop loss and daily maximum. You can change the amounts according to your comfort level. Many brokers suggest that you begin with lower leverage to safeguard your account balance. You may then adjust your limit later in case you want higher leverage from a lucrative trading session. Once you win, the amount reflects in the account. You may also leverage the amount you want from your earnings or original balance.

If you want to withdrawal your money, apply for it online. Your payment will be credited to the financial account connected to your Bitcoin Era member account. Based on the Bitcoin Era site. This is the aggregate rate of all customers worldwide. The rate of profit you experience is dependent on the market conditions, the amount of your leverage, and other market factors. You can exploit your profit potential in the Philippines by activating the bot on the best times of market activity.

One feature that makes the bot helpful for both the experienced and new traders is the manual option. In case you are a novice, you can begin by allowing the bot to do the job for you in automatic mode. If you want to perform a trade yourself, you can do that by moving to manual mode. Other traders use the manual method to sharpen and test their strategies. Although the bot has automated functions and performs functions independently, Bitcoin Era still uses experienced brokers to facilitate exchanges.

How to Join Bitcoin Era in the Philippines

If you want to test this bot, the first step you should take is; open the Bitcoin Era site and register an account on the login page. You only need to fill out some personal data. After your identity’s confirmation, you are free to make your first deposit, which is a requirement to begin trading. The minimum amount you can deposit is $250 in US currency.

Before you begin to leverage the deposit, it is advisable to use the bot in demo mode, especially if you are a beginner. This gives you a risk-free opportunity to familiarize yourself with the software’s features. You might see a demo balance, which appears greater than the deposit if you only credit the least amount required. In demo mode, you cannot win or lose real money. However, you can try using the bot features to see how to set a daily limit and stop loss and how you can activate the software’s bot. You may as well view it operates in real-time, so you can learn more regarding how it works.

Is Bitcoin Allowed in the Philippines?

A few years back, the Philippine government was skeptical of cryptocurrencies. In 2014, they issued a declaration that didn’t inspire the trading cryptocurrencies. These days, the country welcomes the use of cryptocurrency and takes more lawful provisions to incorporate it into the financial world. The virtual currencies are officially legalized in Circular 944 in the Philippines, while the Philippines Central Bank is responsible for controlling exchanges in the country. Even though cryptocurrencies are lawful, they are not acknowledged as a currency for the BSP in the Philippines. That’s why cryptocurrency accounts are not compatible with products or the central bank. Despite this, it is free and legal to use Bitcoin Era in the Philippines.

Benefits of the Bitcoin Era

1. Performance: This software has a very high success rate

2. Various Cryptocurrencies: While Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that produces the best outcomes, you can select from others like Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and altcoins. You may also trade using BTCEUR and BTCUSD as trading pairs

3. Deposits and withdrawals at acceptable times: Requesting your payout with Bitcoin Era generally takes between 24 and 36 hours. It is swift and direct.

4. Friendly and safe verification system: The verification system is according to the user’s data (name, email, etc.) instead of complex documents. You must submit your ID to withdraw your winnings as Bitcoin Era complies with the anti-money laundering law.

5. Efficient and secure brokers: The Bitcoin Era instantly executes transactions through online brokers that are highly effective and directly impact the success of your trades, but are also highly secure

Bitcoin Trades in the Philippines

In case you plan to exchange cryptocurrencies and your earnings for cash, it is helpful to partner with a bank in your nation that is a Bitcoin welcoming organization. In the Philippines, there is a Bitcoin welcoming bank called Union Bank. It even supports Bitcoin ATMs. Like one of the country’s major banks, it leveraged the ability to meet the needs of cryptocurrency exchange clients. The other leading cryptocurrency trade providers are Coinville Phils Inc, Bexpress Inc., and Aba Global Philippines Inc. There exist at least 13 authorized institutions, and others might come up in the future. BSP is responsible for approval. In case you want to view if a particular bank is listed, you may check it with the BSP.

How to Capitalize on Bitcoin in the Philippines

The simplest way to capitalize on cryptocurrencies in the Philippines is through registering for Bitcoin Era. You can exchange on the platform with some other common cryptocurrencies. Even though human brokers have an average profit rate of around 70% in they are perfect at their job, the Bitcoin Era software has a profit rate of over 90%. This greatly increases your chances of earning, and you do not need to pay any transaction or brokerage fees. Bitcoin Era partners with reputable brokers that track transactions, giving users more peace of mind. After you register for an account and begin using the money for operations, you may also contact brokers for assistance if you require it.

Since markets are more operational in the United States, a significant tip to remember is to know when to use the bot at the ideal times. There exist several online tools that assist you in changing time zones to find out when to run the bot. This is particularly important because Bitcoin is a very volatile cryptocurrency. Brokers frequently have days full of profit, and others have losses.

To better convey Bitcoin’s price fluctuations, it is helpful to look at past data. For instance, the value was $ 20,000 for one BTC in Dec 2017. In mid-2019, it was less than $10,000. Because Bitcoin Era uses CFDs, you may still make cash if the value of the cryptocurrency falls. Now is a perfect time to capitalize on Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency in the Philippines. As new digital currencies come forward and present ones develop, you have increasing potential to earn more money.

Sign up for Bitcoin Era now to see how the software operates in demo mode and start making money from cryptocurrency trading.

Anton Kovačić

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