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Bitcoin Era in Spain

Published days ago on July 31, 2020
By Anton Kovačić
Despite automated cryptocurrency systems only becoming established a few years past, the popularity has substantially increased. Individuals have learned how to use this new concept well, resulting in tremendous profits right from the homes of the traders. Unfortunately, some individuals have been taken advantage of by scams disguised as automated cryptocurrency platforms.

What is Bitcoin Era Spain?

Bitcoin Era Spain is an automated cryptocurrency platform at bitcoineranew.com/. Advanced algorithms and robots are used for purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. The market is analyzed by the system to determine the most optimal time for purchasing cryptocurrencies at the best possible price. When the price increases, the cryptocurrencies are sold automatically.

Since the trades are performed automatically by the robots, all the trader needs to do is make a deposit, relax, and watch their money multiply. Bitcoin Era Spain is an easy way to make large profits with no effort. Individuals all over the world have been making money trading bitcoin since it was introduced. Manual trading usually means spending a lot of time at a computer analyzing the markets.

With an automated platform, all of the trading and market analysis is performed automatically. Both professional and beginner traders can benefit from Bitcoin Era Spain.

How Does Bitcoin Era Spain Work?

One of the best advantages of Bitcoin Era is the trading speed is as much as 0.01 faster. This split-second increase over the market means the likelihood of higher profits is substantially improved. Any individual familiar with bitcoin trading understands the importance of this increase. Trades are performed by Bitcoin Era Spain through the use of trading robots.

The market is analyzed by the robots to enable predictions as to when the cryptocurrency value will increase or decrease. The trades are then placed with the intention of making a profit. When a prediction is made that the value of a specific cryptocurrency is expected to increase, it is purchased by the robot. When the prediction is correct, the trader makes a profit.

When the robot predicts a specific cryptocurrency is expected to decrease in value, it is traded with a different cryptocurrency expected to escalate in value. The idea is when the trade rate is high, the risk of losses is severely mitigated. Bitcoin Era is affiliated with brokers confirming the system has the capabilities to generate profits. Once the trade is placed, the funds are transferred automatically to the user's account.

Creating a Bitcoin Era Spain Account

Creating a new account is a straight forward and simple process explained at bitcoineranew.com/. Only a few minutes are required to create and use an account. The steps are extremely easy, without a lot of information required. This means Bitcoin Era Spain is one of the simplest platforms currently available for opening a new account.

The majority of trading platforms have a long verification process because so much information is required. An account can be opened through the following steps.

1) Registering the Account:
The first step requires no effort. Simply go to the official page for Bitcoin Era. On the upper right side of the page, there is a heading titled Get Started located right on the table. The trader must provide certain information including name, email address and phone number. Once the details provided have been confirmed as correct, the Get Started Now icon is clicked.

A short verification process is then performed by the system. The individual will receive an email stating the creation of their account was successful. Individuals that have created numerous accounts in the past will find Bitcoin Era even easier. Only a few details are necessary to complete the process. The login links the user right to the website's login page. Everything is simple, fast and easy.

2) Demo Trading:
Once the account has been created, the user will be prompted to use demo trading. This feature enables the individual to utilize the system using virtual money as opposed to real cash. Experienced traders will not need to use the demo trading feature. According to bitcoineranew.com/, this feature is recommended for new traders to ensure they understand the way the system works, and to allow them to practice.

3) Live Trading:
Once the account has been created, the live trading interface can be accessed immediately. Prior to using this interface, the trader needs to make their first deposit. The live trading interface enables users to check their account balance, transaction history and ongoing trades. The interface operates in real-time. Traders have the ability to modify some of the settings to suit their trading goals.

When the user looks at the control panel, they will see the option to trade cryptocurrency pairs through Bitcoin Era Spain. Numerous cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and ripple are available for trade against several global currencies such as the euro and the dollar.

4) Making Deposits
A minimum $250 deposit is required to start live trading on the platform. There is a large variety of payment options available at Bitcoin Era including Mastercard, Visa, PayPal and bank transfers. Only a short period of time is necessary to verify deposits, so trading can begin almost immediately. The stop-loss feature is one of the most impressive offered for the live trading feature.

Stop-loss enables the individual to set limits for every live trading session. The idea is to help stop losses if the conditions of the market are unfavorable. Once live trading is activated with the trade limits set, the platform starts making a profit for the user.

Features of Bitcoin Era Spain

The Payout System:
One of the most important aspects of trading is the payout system. Every trader will eventually want to cash out their profits. Information detailing how the trader is paid once achieving a profit is displayed in the payout feature. This means Bitcoin Era Spain is fairly transparent. There are no charges hidden for depositing or withdrawing funds.

Once a profit has been generated by the platform, a small commission is deducted from the credits and earnings in the trader's account. Since the original investment is never touched, this is more than fair. The commission is only deducted from the profit Bitcoin Era has made for the trader.

There are absolutely no hidden charges for withdrawals. The only fee is the commission from the trader's profits. When a withdrawal is requested, the process only requires two hours. The money is then deposited into the trader's account.

Customer Service:
One of the best advantages of Bitcoin Era customer service is assistance is available 24/7. This is important for new traders due to potential questions regarding the available services and features. Customer service is also available if there are any questions regarding the trader's account.

Despite the auto trading being performed by robots, professional brokers manage the entire process. The brokers are responsible for monitoring trading activities to ensure the funds traded on the platform result in a profit. The highly experienced brokers make certain there is a high win ratio at all times. All of the available services can be easily accessed through the official Bitcoin Era website.

How Does Bitcoin Era Spain Compare to the Other Auto Trading Platforms?

High Success Rate: The Bitcoin Era win rate is significantly higher than the majority of other trading robots.

Demo Account: One of the differences between Bitcoin Era and many of the other trading platforms is the demo account. Traders can use this feature to understand the way the platform operates.

The Speed of Registering a New Account: As opposed to the majority of trading platforms, Bitcoin Era offers a very fast registration process. Most platforms require a lot of information to register. The result is a lengthy registration process. Some platforms require as long as five days to complete account registration.

Low Minimum Deposit: Bitcoin Era Spain has a reasonable minimum deposit for live trading of $250. There are trading platforms requiring a $600 minimum deposit.

Quick Withdrawal Process: Bitcoin Era does not have any hidden charges for withdrawing funds. All withdrawal requests are processed within just a few hours.

Bitcoin Era in Spain

Spain is one of many countries all over the world embracing the cryptocurrency trading trend. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of individuals currently unable to work. Bitcoin Era is useful for many people to supplement their budgets. This has led to a lot of concerns as to whether Bitcoin Era is legal in Spain. The concerns are based on the fact cryptocurrency is not considered legal tender in Spain. Despite this, trading cryptocurrencies in Spain is legal.


Even though Bitcoin Era is fairly new on the market, other platforms for cryptocurrency trading are being challenged. This is because Bitcoin Era is so easy to use, and offers a high win rate. The platform offers a convenient way to make a profit from home with almost no effort. Once a Bitcoin Era account is created, active trading can begin instantly.

The need to wait several days just to complete the process of account verification has been eliminated. Another incredible benefit of Bitcoin Era Spain is an app is available. A smartphone can be used for withdrawals, deposits, and checking on the status of all active trades. No matter how much a trader decides to invest, they will be treated equally.

Even if a trader makes the $250 minimum deposit, the opportunity to increase their investment is the same as a trader making an investment of millions. There is always a good opportunity to begin trading at bitcoineranew.com/, people can easily start right now.

Anton Kovačić

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