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Bitcoin Era in South Africa

Published days ago on July 31, 2020
By Anton Kovačić

Bitcoin Era Changes the way South Africans Invest

The release of a white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 detailing the launch of the world's first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin came to be known as a defining moment in modern economics. Bitcoin Era in South Africa is now giving investors the chance to trade in cryptocurrencies using automated algorithms or taking control of their finances. The arrival of Bitcoin on the market is changing the way investments are made and keeping investors more secure than ever with the use of the Blockchain to make transactions as safe as possible.
The people of South Africa are among the most technologically-savvy investors around and Bitcoin Era South Africa is bringing them a range of options for making the correct trades. One of the main benefits of the launch of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies was the ability of everyday people to become part of the move towards creating a fairer and more open way of investing for everyday people. Bitcoin Era in South Africa is building on this by helping everyday people forge their path towards financial independence.

How does Bitcoin Era in South Africa work?

The opportunities provided by the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 were often difficult for everyday people and financial experts to understand with many billionaires ignoring this profitable market. However, a group of experienced investment specialists spotted the chances of success in the cryptocurrency market and began working to develop the latest technologies to ensure the best tools are available for everyday people to build towards financial success.

Launching an Algorithm

This data was eventually brought together to create an algorithm capable of analyzing the historical data regarding each possible trade and the forecast for its future success. The team of experts at Bitcoin Era South Africa would use this algorithm to develop its impressive trading platform that allows individual investors the chance to decide on their trading future or automatically accept the latest recommendations.

What the team at Bitcoin Era South Africa was hoping to achieve was the creation of an app that would give them the highest accuracy rating. The simplicity and success of the algorithm have proven successful for investors within South Africa and far beyond its borders who are seeing healthy returns on their investment during each quarter. These successful investors can be found with a simple search of the internet proving Bitcoin Era South Africa is a financial force to be trusted.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Era in South Africa

The modern world is filled with offers and chances for online investing that can be difficult to understand, but Bitcoin Era wants to make life as simple for every investor as possible. The first step is to head to the website and take a look at a short video that takes the potential investor through every aspect of the work of Bitcoin Era and how it can help an investor begin their journey towards financial independence. The video also reveals the way cryptocurrencies work and gives some details about how the markets work to protect investors at all times.

If, after watching the video, an investor feels the Bitcoin Era South Africa software can help them achieve their financial goals the sign-up process is a simple one to complete. An investor simply uses their basic personal information and submit the completed form for processing. Once the information has been verified an account will be created from which the first trades can be made by an investor in the flourishing cryptocurrency markets.

A Low Initial Deposit

One of the main reasons for the success of the Bitcoin Era in South Africa software is the low initial deposit that is required to provide an investor with trading capital. To open an account, an investor needs only to provide an initial deposit of $250 or R3,600 to give them funds to trade with. After this initial deposit, trades can be completed for as little as $25 meaning the chance to share in the success of Trevor Noah and other cryptocurrency traders is open to all investors.

Along with the low deposit options open to all investors, Bitcoin Era South Africa provides software that does not need downloading to a mobile device or laptop. This is a benefit to many because trades and account information can be accessed from anywhere an open internet browser provides access to the web. No updates are needed to keep an app up to date so there should be no loss of trading time when an investment is recommended.

Consider Taxation in South Africa

When making trades on the cryptocurrency markets, it is important to make sure each investor is aware this is not a way of trading without having to face up to the responsibilities of taxation. The taxes that need to be paid to the South Africa Revenue Service are levied on all profits being made on cryptocurrency trades made through the Bitcoin Era South Africa software that has proven so successful over the last few years.

In the past, those who traded in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies found themselves in a gray area when it came to taxation because the South African Government has yet to recognize cryptocurrencies as a legal form of tender to e used to buy products and trade within the nation. However, the South Africa Revenue Service has since declared cryptocurrencies a form of tender that is not recognized in the nation but can be taxed when any trade or purchase is made using cryptocurrencies.

Individual storekeepers have the option of accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of tender and must be declared to be taxed by the relevant authorities within South Africa. This form of taxation is assessed on an individual basis based on the value of the cryptocurrencies involved in any trade or financial dealing.

One of the aspects of the development of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is that of value-added tax or VAT which is charged on certain sales of products and services. The review of the VAT status of cryptocurrencies is still ongoing, but for those who are choosing to invest with Bitcoin Era in South Africa, declaring the status of their investment account to the tax authorities.

Invest with Bitcoin Era

What we can see is the success of those who choose to invest with Bitcoin Era South Africa is the success that is being achieved on the way to achieving financial freedom. With the aid of Bitcoin Era in South Africa, sharing in the wealth of the richest people in the world is made simple with many people choosing to make automatic trades through their account whenever a positive move is identified by the algorithm.

Anton Kovačić

Anton is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast.
He specializes in market strategies and technical analysis, and has been interested in Bitcoin and actively involved in the crypto markets since 2013.
Apart from writing, Anton’s hobbies and interests include sports and movies.