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Bitcoin Era - SCAM OR NOT?


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Many of the early believers and investors in Bitcoin became millionaires during the bull run of 2017 when this digital asset’s price raced to its all-time high of nearly $20,000 a coin. As the crypto market opened up and expanded, there was a need to assist people in learning how to effectively earn from this market. This was the reason behind the Bitcoin Era software development. The Bitcoin Era team is comprised of expert traders, professional economists and leading mathematicians, who combined their expertise and knowledge to create the most popular automated crypto trading app in the online trading world.

The performance and success rate of the Bitcoin Era software have caught the attention of thousands of traders globally, even though the identity of the software’s developers remain a mystery. The Bitcoin Era app enables all levels of traders and investors, both new and advanced, to earn daily profits from the cryptocurrency market without actively trading the coins.
To make it easy for new users and inexperienced traders to use, the Bitcoin Era software is designed with a user-friendly interface. This was successfully achieved by using the feedback and input of expert traders during the development phase of the software. Bitcoin Era developers also used top fintech technologies to ensure that the automated app can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies accurately, with a high success rate. Based on these features, the Bitcoin Era app generates daily profits for traders and as a result, it is regarded as the best and most consistent auto-trading app in the world.
Although Bitcoin Era is automated software, there is a manual trading option for those traders that wish to remain in full control of the trading process. You can alternate between the two trading modes with ease, depending on your trading experience, existing market conditions, or trading preferences at the time.
In the manual trading mode, traders gain full control over the trading activities. The Bitcoin Era software will generate accurate trading signals, once it has analyzed the markets to find potentially profitable trading opportunities, and the investor can then decide whether to execute the signals or not. Compared to the automated mode, users of the manual mode make take longer to execute a trade or to analyze the accuracy of the signal. This could potentially impact the profit margins of a trade which highlights the benefits of automated trading. In this mode, the Bitcoin Era software will instantly access a trade as soon as the market conditions match the trading parameters set by the trader. The end result is accurate trades and higher profitability.
Experts and new traders can use the automated trading mode. It requires no human intervention to trade, and the trader gets to set or customize the trading parameters of the software to match their trading preferences, risk level and to suit the market conditions. You can alter the trading times and investment amounts as well as set the stop loss and profit target levels. In general, the Bitcoin Era automated mode uses advanced strategies and algorithms that help traders to earn real profits daily.

What is the Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era has become the most profitable automated trading software in the crypto world, winning numerous awards and gaining recognition globally.

Bitcoin Era makes it possible for users to edit and customize the trading parameters of the software to ensure maximum profits. With access to over two decades of historical data, Bitcoin Era provides you with the required information to conduct market analysis and efficient backtesting.
The high accuracy rate means that traders earn daily profits with ease when trading cryptocurrencies with the Bitcoin Era software.
Opening an account with the Bitcoin Era makes you an exclusive member of a community of investors that earn huge profits from the crypto markets.

This allows you to experience financial freedom. Joining the Bitcoin Era community is free, and no commissions are charged on your profits.
Bitcoin Era is widely used, and it also offers unlimited and free use of a demo account. This feature allows investors to test their trading strategies before staking real money. It also gives you the chance to check how the Bitcoin Era automated software works without any risks of losing money.

As a web-based software, the Bitcoin Era doesn't require a download, installation, or regular updates. It can be accessed on any mobile, tablet, or computer device with an internet connection and browser. This gives you the flexibility and convenience to trade at any time and from anywhere.

Trading with the Bitcoin Era

The Bitcoin Era software is available for all skill levels of traders and investors. Once you are signed up, you can use the software to start trading cryptocurrencies immediately. It is easy to register on the Bitcoin Era platform as it takes only a few minutes to complete the registration process. There is no charge to opening a Bitcoin Era trading account and the developers do not charge any fees or commissions from using the software. To trade cryptocurrencies with the Bitcoin Era software, your only requirement is to fund the trading account so that there is trading capital available to take advantage of the lucrative trading opportunities in the market. The Bitcoin Era software will trade on your behalf, doing the market analysis, finding trading opportunities, generating trading signals and opening trades as well. The trader gets full access to the profits made and you can easily withdraw your funds and your earnings at any time, hassle-free.

If you are new to the online trading world, you can also sign up with the Bitcoin Era and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The process is the same and you simply need to register an account with the Bitcoin Era from the comfort of the official website of the software. As stated, opening a Bitcoin Era account is free of charge, and so is using the software. However, you will need to fund the Bitcoin Era account before you can start trading cryptos in the market. The trading capital you deposit will be used to place your trades, and you are free to withdraw the capital and the profits at will.

Follow these steps to trade Bitcoin with the top automated crypto software:


SIGNUP and Join Bitcoin Era

Visit the Bitcoin Era website and fill out the application form. Bitcoin Era will require some personal details such as your first name, last name, email address, country of residence and phone number. Bitcoin Era will prompt you to create a unique password to secure your account.

Submit the signup application, and Bitcoin Era will send you an approval email. Once your Bitcoin Era account is approved, you can select from our recommended list of reputable brokerage platforms supported by the Bitcoin Era software. Simply create a trading account with the broker and start trading cryptocurrencies with our app. It is best to start using our software on a demo account before you deposit funds and launch the live trading platform. The Bitcoin Era demo account enables you to understand how the platform works, your trading strategies, and the brokers' services.


Trade Free on a Demo Account

As stated above, the demo accounts provided by our partner brokers are free for an unlimited period. Each demo account comes with $1,500 in virtual funds, and their price action is similar to the real crypto market.

Using the demo account allows you to understand the risks and rewards of trading with the Bitcoin Era software. Investors can test their various trading strategies and understand the brokerage platforms' features without the risk of losing money.


Use Real Money to Trade Cryptos

After practicing on the demo account, you can launch the live trading account. This involves trading with real money and earning real profits. Navigate to the Trading Room, select your trading strategy, insert your preferences, and the Bitcoin Era software will execute trades based on your set parameters.
On your Real Account page, you will see the following content:

Navigation Pane

The Bitcoin Era Navigation Pane is where you go to quickly change your trading settings. You can switch between the Bitcoin Era automated and manual trading modes or even visit the demo account easily and conveniently from this section. The one-click button to set your trading parameters is equally available on the Navigation Pane.

Market Watch

The Market Watch section lets you quickly look at the price charts of your preferred assets and cryptos. This tab also shows your profits and losses recorded on the Bitcoin Era trading account in real-time. You can check the Bitcoin Era software's performance live in real-time and view and close live transactions.

Account History

This displays your trading history such as your open and closed trades, your deposits, profits, trades, losses, and withdrawals. This Bitcoin Era section contains a detailed trading log that helps you to access our software's trading activities, your personal trading activities as well as your trading strategies.

Strategy Tester

The Bitcoin evolution software's Strategy Tester window allows traders to optimize chosen trading strategies in order to enhance trading results and increase profitability.
Using the Bitcoin Era software does not limit you to trading Bitcoin only as you can earn profits by trading other cryptocurrencies such as Monero, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. Our partner brokers also support trading other financial assets, including forex pairs like the EURUSD and USDJPY. Set the trading parameters of the software or use the default settings to trade. Click the "Auto Trade" button, relax and watch the Bitcoin Era earn you excellent profits.


Fund your Bitcoin Era Account and Start Trading

After opening your Bitcoin Era account, you will have to open a trading account with a broker of your choice from our list of recommended brokers. The minimum deposit sum is $250, and it serves as your trading capital. The capital and profits can be withdrawn at any time, quickly and without delays.
It is free for all traders to use the Bitcoin Era software and it has zero hidden charges and commissions when you trade! Traders also have the flexibility to decide whether to withdraw their earnings or to continue trading to boost their trading capital and earning potential.

After depositing the trading capital, you can start trading cryptocurrencies with the Bitcoin Era software. The partner brokers provide safe, secure, and convenient payment systems such as major debit/credit cards, eWallets, bank wire, and more. The partner brokers also allow users to access effective trading tools and features and they offer access to professional and responsive customer service and support.

Earn Profits with Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is a leading automated cryptocurrency trading app that allows anyone, even new traders, to earn real profits from the cryptocurrency market with ease. Traders can start trading crypto assets with a minimum of $250.
Due to its unmatched success, the Bitcoin Era has become the most popular automated cryptocurrency trading software globally. The numerous positive reviews online and other real user testimonials show the genuineness of the software as well as the widespread use of the Bitcoin Era software.
Traders get to leverage the software to earn passive income from the crypto market. It requires less than 20 minutes of work per day to set the trading parameters of the software, and the Bitcoin Era will start trading cryptocurrencies and generating profits for the traders daily.


Bitcoin Era is the ideal trading software for expert and novice investors. The useful features and powerful technology ensure that all investors earn maximum profits from the lucrative opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

Are you interested in learning more?

Go through the Bitcoin Era website and get the necessary information about the Bitcoin Era software and how it works. You should understand the various features and settings of the software to ensure you maximize your profits. Investors who need more information or have questions, simply Contact Us, and we will be more than happy to help.

Bitcoin Era Scam Review

Automated trading is an excellent way for both experts and newbies to make profits from the cryptocurrency market. As a result, this is the reason why investors continue to search for ways to automate their trading process and boost their profits.

Bitcoin Era is one of the best platforms to enjoy cryptocurrency profits.

It is an automated trading software designed for the cryptocurrency market and it is designed to extract maximum profitability from the many trading opportunities. The software deploys leading trading strategies to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, generating massive profits for traders. Thanks to these advanced technologies, the Bitcoin Era software remains ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds. It is this time leap that ensures the software knows in which direction the price of crypto will move even before it makes this move. Here is an in-depth review of the Bitcoin Era software so you can determine whether it is worth the hype or if it is another scam product.

Bitcoin Era: Legit or Scam?

Thanks to auto-trading software, crypto traders tend to earn better profits than when they use manual trading. The automated trading software does away with human errors encountered during the trading process and ensures that the traders' strategies generate maximum profits. Despite the profits generated, there are still doubts about the Bitcoin Era software's legitimacy and how it records such massive success.

The Bitcoin Era software has received many positive reviews from trusted traders and verifiable personalities. While some say the founders' mysterious identities are a red flag, it is understandable that the developers protect their identities due to the market's nature. To put it into comparison, even over a decade later, we are yet to know the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the developer of Bitcoin.

What is the Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is an auto-cryptocurrency trading app. It was developed by a team of expert traders, experienced economists, software developers, and mathematicians. The team designed the software to trade the cryptocurrency markets with no human intervention. Bitcoin Era automatically analyzes the crypto markets, pinpoints trading opportunities, generates profitable trading signals and then opens a trade for you. All this is done without any intervention by the user.

The high-frequency trading strategies deployed by the software enables traders to enjoy daily profits. Other advanced features, such as VPS and Time Leap, boost the success level of the software. Despite the powerful features, the Bitcoin Era software is easy to use. It can be navigated easily by new users and less-experienced investors. Bitcoin Era supports customization and users can edit and set the parameters of the software to meet their trading preferences and risk tolerance levels. Opening a Bitcoin Era account is free, and so is using the software to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos. There are also zero deposit fees with the Bitcoin Era software, and the platform doesn't charge commissions on the profits you earn. Furthermore, traders are allowed to withdraw their earnings and capital whenever they wish to.

How the Bitcoin Era Works

It is easy and simple to use the Bitcoin Era software. Joining the platform is free, and so is using the broker demo account and our live trading account. However, to earn real profits, you will need a real trading account funded with real money.


Signup on Bitcoin Era

Register with the Bitcoin Era platform by completing the signup form available on our homepage. The required signup details include your first and second names, email address, country of residence and phone number. Bitcoin Era will send you an activation email to activate your trading account right away. Bitcoin Era will also provide you with a list of the reputable and recommended brokers you can trade with.


Demo Account

We advise new traders and investors to use the $1,500 virtual money funded demo account to learn how the Bitcoin Era software works. You can also test various trading strategies before you stake real money in trading assets. The Bitcoin Era demo account is free for all registered members of the community for an unlimited period.


Open a Live Account

After mastering your trading strategies and understanding how the platform works, you can launch the live trading account to trade and earn real profits. Bitcoin Era has an easy to use live trading dashboard that allows you to monitor all the trading activities with ease. The Account section allows you to set up your trading parameters and edit information like leverage, password, verification documents, and activating the VPS service.


Deposit and Earn Profits

After launching your live trading account, deposit funds, and start trading cryptos to earn real profits. The partner brokers have efficient and safe banking systems that allow investors to easily and conveniently withdraw and deposit funds. The partner brokers accept payments via major credit and debit cards, secure Bank Wire, and popular eWallets. After a successful deposit, you can start trading and earning profits instantly.

How the Bitcoin Era Compares with Other Auto Trading Software

Bitcoin Era

  • Available demo account to support strategy testing before trading with real funds
  • Instant and easy account opening process
  • Software is free to use
  • Low starting capital of $250 on the Bitcoin Era platform
  • Automated and manual trading modes available

Other Software

  • No demo account available, exposing traders to risky trades and no assurance of earning profits
  • Sign up process is tedious and complicated
  • Expensive software and numerous trading fees
  • High starting capital
  • Low execution of profitable signals, leading to adecrease in success rate and profits for traders

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Era


  • Free Software. It is free to register on the Bitcoin Era platform and to use the app
  • Daily Consistent Profits. Bitcoin Era trades cryptocurrencies 24/7 to generate massive profits for traders daily.
  • Demo Account. It is possible to test the Bitcoin Era software in the real market using virtual funds before staking real money.
  • Demo Account. It is possible to test the Bitcoin Era software in the real market using virtual funds before staking real money.


  • Limited Membership Spots. Bitcoin Era membership is available for free to only a few investors within a certain period. Register for free now!
  • Trading Risk. Crypto and forex trading involves risk, and you can record losses in the markets.

Bitcoin Era Features

Bitcoin Era has unique features that make it a powerful, intuitive, and automated crypto trading app. Its unique attributes include:


Numerous Assets

Traders and investors can trade and earn profits from the various assets available on the platform, including Bitcoin. The other crypto assets include Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Monero. Bitcoin Era also supports trading FX pairs like the EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY.

Trusted Brokers

Bitcoin Era partners with trusted global brokers that ensure the software operates seamlessly on their trading platforms. All brokers are excellent service providers that offer the best trading environment to ensure a successful trading experience.

Secure Banking Options

Our partner brokers provide efficient banking systems to ensure investors can deposit easily and start trading right away. When it is time to withdraw your trading earnings, the withdrawal process is swift and easy, enabling you to instantly enjoy your profits.

Demo Account

The Bitcoin Era demo account allows you to practice and see how the real market works. You can test and edit your trading strategies without losing real money. After understanding how the Bitcoin Era software works and your trading strategies, you can start trading with real money to earn real profits.

Consistent Profits

Bitcoin Era executes profitable signals daily, using highly efficient trading strategies. As the crypto market operates 24/7, traders can enjoy profits all day long and night using our software to trade.


Bitcoin Era is a revolutionary software that enables investors of all levels to earn passive income from the numerous opportunities in the crypto market. The many positive online reviews of the app show that the Bitcoin Era software is a legitimate crypto trading system designed for all levels of investors.

Use the Bitcoin Era software and become financially free!
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